/ rootdir.com the root directory of the internet


📁 Explore
🌍 Live maps
🌐 Internet utilities
📚 Knowledge
  • Optimem: Learn and memorize anything
  • Wikipedia: Comprehensive online encyclopedia
  • Hacker News: Tech and startup news aggregator
  • lobste.rs: Tech community for discussion and links
  • Arxiv: Open access research papers
  • Sci-Hub: Shadow library for paywalled papers
  • LessWrong: Rationality and cognitive science forum
  • Art of Memory: Memory techniques and mnemonics
⌨️ Programming
  • GitHub: Largest code hosting and collaboration platform
  • Deno: Secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Rust: Memory-safe systems programming language
🔒 Privacy & security
  • Have I Been Pwned: Check if your data is breached
  • Virustotal: File and URL scanner for malware
  • Signal: Privacy-focused messaging app
  • Tor: Anonymity and privacy browser
  • Wormhole: Send files securely and anonymously
  • Shodan: Search engine for Internet-connected devices
  • WiGLE: Map of wireless networks worldwide
  • IntelTechniques: OSINT tools (e.g. search across all engines)
  • HackControl: OSINT resources (e.g. people search)
🤖 AI
🎨 Art & design
🗄️ Etc

Links selected for uniqueness, best-in-class utility, pro-human, with a preference for free or open-source options.

This is a work in progress! Check back in a few weeks for updates.

Created by MattVR.